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Resource on why Thatcher was the worst of the worst.


Her government was happy to let a massive British city collapse, forcibly evacuate the city - because it elected a left-wing council.

She put millions out of work, following Monetarist policy that she had to abandon when it was clear the situation was getting worse.

She shut down democratically-elected local government when it disagreed with her.

She shut down independent television when it disagreed with her.

She let a British MP starve to death on hunger strike.

She believed homosexuality was something dirty, wrong, and something to not be talked about.

She propped up the racist apartheid South African government.

She considered Nelson Mandela to be a terrorist.

She supported the fascist Chilean dictator Pinochet.

She stockpiled coal for months before provoking a fight with the coal unions - knowing they’d go on strike, and leaving them to starve.

She used the Hillsborough disaster as another excuse to demonise Liverpool and the working class - when it was actually caused by shoddy policing.

She deregulated the banking system and the stock exchange - leading to the current economic crisis we are in today.

‘There is no such thing as society - only the individual’.

She actually believed poor working class pensioners and millionaires should pay the same amount of council tax - the Poll Tax.


This is just off the top of my head - please add to it.

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